Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Little Enlightenment

Ok, time for some enlightenment----my meditation stuff I do.  First, let me say that I am a skeptic when it comes to lots of stuff, but this seems to work for ME.

I have meditated off and on for years, sometimes successfully (oh the pure bliss) and sometimes not (damn brain won't SHUT UP!!!!!!!)   It takes practice and the more frequently I meditate the more auspicious the experience. 

Recently I have been aided in my journey to the abyss by using binaural beats from a soundtrack.  Now I researched binaural beats/tones and found that the majority of the scientific data says it’s hogwash.  They say that there were no significant differences in brainwave frequencies between using binaural tones, soothing music/sounds and nothing.  Needless to say I was bit disappointed that, one they don’t work and two, that I fell for an alluring marketing scam.  (Ok, ok, I only did a little research initially, but have done more since!  Call it a desperate impulse buy!!!)

With that said---I still honestly like using the soundtrack. It gives me something to focus on.  It provides me with the bridge to transverse into a state of total, and I mean TOTAL relaxation!  And it gives me some really brilliant sensations—sorta like a psychedelic high as I focus on what feels like, to me anyway, like colorful, electric sparks twisting and turning and gently pulsating through my brain and eventually my whole essences. 

I was initially bothered by some pretty caustic headaches. But this went away once I turned the sound down.  I also am finding that, like a song on the radio, my brain is remembering the tones, so throughout the day I can replay the tracks on my mind when I need a quick fix!

There are lots of binaural tracks out there should you chose to use them.  I have the Omharmonics 1 series offered thru Mind Valley (  But am seriously contemplating creating some of my own. Happy meditation!

 Om Mani Padme Hum……… Namaste

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